Carli Lloyd Interview | 2016 October

Failure is defined in the dictionary as a "lack of success." Sounds pretty self explanatory, right? What if you knew you could do anything in life without failing. What would you do? The strongest people are not necessarily the one's who always succeed, but those who fail and never give up. In sports especially, this is a common similarity that many athletes have encountered such as US soccer star Carli Lloyd.

A 2X Olympic gold medalist Lloyd has achieved many accolades throughout her historic soccer career and has recently embarked on a new journey.  Her new journey has taken her down the path of becoming an author. Lloyd recently published a memoir titled "When nobody was watching." In the memoir Lloyd shares how she handled adversity and overcame obstacles on her path to becoming one of the greatest soccer players in the world. Upon its release, she is currently partaking on a twelve city book tour. This afternoon in Illinois, Lloyd took the time to sit-down with me for an exclusive audio interview at The Book Stall in the beautiful town of Winnetka. In the interview we discuss: Her career, her memoir, her advice to the youth, and much more. Check it out using the link below and make sure to pick up your copy of "When nobody was watching" available in stores and online now!

Special thanks to Ms. Lloyd, Ms. Wilson, Mr. McDonald, and The Book Stall.

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